Reliability test scheme of multi - channel loudspe

Currently, the aging life tester of loudspeaker on the market is generally composed of signal source and power amplifier, which cannot meet the increasingly strict test requirements for product quality, and generally does not have the following test requirements and conditions:

1. Display real-time current value of each speaker

2. Display real-time voltage values of each speaker

3. Display the effective impedance values of each speaker

4. Display real-time capacitance values of each speaker

5. The signal source cannot generate sine wave and square wave of various frequencies automatically

6. The aging test time cannot be accurately displayed, and the state of the device under test cannot be recorded (open circuit, short circuit or too low or too high impedance).

The above six points are the user must have the basic requirements! But according to market investigation, the test instrument that makes home commonly does not have above condition!

Changzhou zhongce instrument co., ltd. launched the latest zc1681b-d speaker life tester, in addition to fully meet the above six basic requirements, there are a number of functions and advantages:

1. Zc1681b-d loudspeaker life tester is specially used for rated power test or maximum power test of multi-channel loudspeaker. The instrument has Chinese/English operation interface (pre-factory). The following functional tests can be completed:

1) rated noise power

2) rated sinusoidal power

3) long-term maximum power (external ZC6221 program-controlled noise signal/digital filter is required)

4) short-term maximum power (external ZC6221 program-controlled noise signal/digital filter)

5) self-determined intermittent test

2. During the test, the speaker (or earphone) can be automatically determined whether the cable is broken or not. In case of disconnection, zc1681b-d will immediately display the disconnection time in the measured horn and stop the operation of the circuit. Continue testing until there is a disconnect.

Iii. When all channels used are disconnected, zc1681b-d will automatically stop operating even before the total test time is reached, and there will be a flashing prompt to inform the tester. During the test, the instrument displays the following data of the measured loudspeaker in real time:

1. Real-time current value of each speaker

2. Real-time voltage value of each speaker

3. Resistance (impedance) values of each speaker (the above functions can be switched arbitrarily during the test)

4. Can check the aging test time of products at any time

4. After the measured electro-acoustic device is damaged, it can automatically cut off the signal and stop the test to avoid damaging the power amplifier. It can automatically and accurately control the on-off time of the test and record the state of the tested device.

V. during the test, the test results can be stored in the computer through the RS232 port at the back of the instrument, which can be called at any time.

Vi. In case of power failure, zc1681b-d can continue to test aging after the restoration of power supply.

Seven, built in a variety of signal sources :(in line with China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries standards, MP3 directly available).

Unique monitoring of the ac impedance of piezoceramics loudspeakers and the capacitance changes of piezoceramics during aging.


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