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Warranty that

The basic information

1. The warranty period of the product is the warranty period stated on the warranty card of zhongce company when the product leaves the factory. For details (warranty period and warranty method, etc.), please consult the after-sales service department of zhongce company or visit the website of zhongce company (website: www.zctek.com.cn). The validity period starts from the date of purchase (which must be the same as the date on the shopping invoice). If the shopping invoice cannot be provided, the date of manufacture of this product shall prevail.

2. Product warranty: repair. The customer will send the product to (or deliver the goods, the freight will be paid by himself) the after-sales service center designated by zhongce company for maintenance. If you need on-site service, please refer to article 7 of warranty policy.

The warranty policy

1. The product warranty card or shopping invoice shall be presented when the product is sent for repair, and the stipulated free warranty shall be provided for any fault caused by normal use during the warranty period.

2, often zhou zhongce instrument co., ltd. in the local authorized repair center to repair the machine, in the original warranty period to enjoy free warranty service; If the warranty period is less than three months from the end of the warranty period, the warranty machine is entitled to three months from the date of repair.

3. The defective spare parts replaced by the maintenance shall be owned by changzhou zhongce instrument co., LTD.

4. Accessories and vulnerable parts (reeds, test heads, probes, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.

5. The customer shall be responsible for the safety of its data. If there is data in the product, the user shall copy and retain the data.

6. Please keep the warranty card properly so that your rights and interests can be better protected. Loss of the warranty card will not be reissued.

7. If the products or users have special service needs beyond the warranty period, zhongce will provide you with maintenance contract service. Please consult or sign a contract with the after-sales service department of zhongce instrument.

Maintenance is not free under the following conditions:

1. Failure or damage (including overload) caused by incorrect installation, operation or use in a working environment not specified by the product.

2. Unauthorized modification or use of self-designed software leads to damage of products that cannot work normally.

3. Damage caused by accident, abuse and misuse.

4. Damage caused by dismantling and repairing without authorization of zhongce instrument.

5. Damage caused by repair by a dealer authorized by non-zhongce instrument.

6. Failure or damage caused by man-made or natural disasters.

7, the product has obvious external force action (such as fall, knock, crush or corrosion) caused by the damage.

8. Exceed the stipulated free warranty period.


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