Reliability Testing Scheme of High Power Loudspeak

Introduction to reliability test system of ZC5860 loudspeaker


The ZC5860 Loudspeaker Life Test System is an equipment of Loudspeaker (or earphone) reliability Test. The system is equipped with stable noise signal sources and digital filters, and the output signals are automatically calibrated and measured. By recording the current, voltage, impedance and power data of the test, the speaker performance can be well analyzed.

Main features:

L ZC5860 loudspeaker reliability test system has Chinese/English operation interface.

Each group of 12 channels, single cabinet 24 channels independent detection, alarm function. The whole system can simultaneously control the reliability test of 96 channels in 4 cabinets.

L ZC5860 has a variety of power test projects, as follows:

Rated Noise Power Rated Noise Power

2. Rated sine Power (in effect, usoidal Power)

3. Long-term maximum Power

4. Short-term maximum Power

5. Set the intermittent test (Self Stipulate On - Off test)

6. Increasing Power Test

L in the "rated power" test, ZC5860 has the following functions:

1. During the test, it can automatically determine whether the speaker (or earphone) under test is disconnected or not. When a break occurs, ZC5860 will stop the test of the channel and record the break time.

2. During the test, it has the function of measuring the temperature rise of voice coil. It can choose tabular display method or curve display method to display the temperature change of voice coil. (optional)

L ZC5860 test system with power failure recovery function. During the test, in case of power failure, the system will automatically return to operation after the mains power is restored.

L ZC5860 has the following test signals:

1. Various built-in signal sources:

• White noise (20 hz-20 KHZ, C.F.=2)

(2) Pink noise (20hz-20khz, C.F.=2)

(c f. =2 is in conformity with the standards of China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries)

In addition, ANSI/CEA 426B (C.F.=2 in compliance with American standards)

5], sine waves (20 hz-20 KHZ, logarithmic or linear scanning)

B. optional additional program controlled filter ZC6221, to set the bandwidth of the test signal.

Single 12-channel power amplifier. Each cabinet can be equipped with 2 power amplifiers, with 24 independent output test channels.

A. the signal output of each channel is separately controlled by the signal controller, and the measured output voltage is displayed on the PC screen.

2. The minimum load impedance of each channel is 4 ohms, (4 ohms -100 ohms).

3. Short circuit protection and overload protection per channel.

4. The maximum power of each channel when the sinusoidal signal is output: 60W.

⒌ in noise signal, the output of the maximum power of each channel are as follows: 30 w.

System configuration and size:

The l system consists of 19 "standard cabinets and external computers and monitors. Each PC can connect up to 4 cabinets, with a total of 96 independent test channels.

Each cabinet consists of signal source controller (1), test controller (2), CNC filter (1), 12-channel amplifier (2), test box (2).

L cabinet size: 600mm (width) * 1600mm (height) * 800mm (depth).

"Zhongce instrument and speaker reliability test software system" can run under winXP or win7 operating system.


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