ZC5920 multi-channel bluetooth headphone life tester

Brief Introduction


With the mass shipment of bluetooth headsets and speakers in the current consumer market, there are new requirements for the aging detection equipment of bluetooth series. The company to comply with market demand, timely research and development of multi - channel bluetooth life tester. Due to the high frequency characteristics of bluetooth, which is greatly affected by environmental shielding, our r&d personnel focus on solving the shielding problem and develop a stable bluetooth transmission solution. At the same time, high performance silicon wheat is adopted to collect the sound emitted by earphones in real time and quantify the size of playing signal of earphones. ZC5920 is a test device to test the status of bluetooth connectivity and monitor whether the headset has continuous output.

Performance Feature

  • Drive signal source: built-in sine wave, sound card plays audio signal.

  • Test channel: 20 pairs of earphones or 20 bluetooth speakers can be connected at the same time.

  • 8 "LCD panel: channel, aging time, headset output voltage, bluetooth connection status.

  • System: industrial computer Windows system, easy to operate.

  • LAN network interface: test data can be uploaded to the company server for convenient data analysis.

  • Trial range: bluetooth headset, bluetooth speaker, TWS headset.

Technical indicators



  Maximum number of accessible channels

       20 channels, divided into two groups, channel 1-10 is group A, channel 11-20 is group B

  Number of measurable products

  Each channel is divided into left and right channels, which can be connected to 20 pairs of headphones for simultaneous testing, or 20 Bluetooth speakers at the same time.

  Aging test time

       0000:00:00~ 9999:59:59

  Bluetooth operating frequency

       2400~ 2485MHz

  Maximum RF output power


  Audio dynamic range


  Total harmonic distortion




  Signal to noise ratio


  Silicon wheat sensitivity


  Signal to noise ratio




  Frequency response

       100~ 10kHz

  Power consumption

       50~ 250μA

  Operating temperature

       -40℃~ 105℃

ZC5920 技术参数.pdf

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