ZC5850 multi - channel dc motor life tester

Brief Introduction


ZC5850 multi-circuit motor life tester is specially designed for the production of micro-special motor manufacturers, and the use of micro-special motor manufacturers and production, for a variety of micro-special motor (such as mobile phone motor, toy motor, toothbrush motor, knife motor, etc.) an instrument at the same time to test 20 motor, data stored in the U disk. Test method has two kinds: one is direct sampling from the motor coil, the other is to use the photoelectric sensor sampling, the main test working voltage, working current and rotating speed of the motor, and can operate the touch screen, show the voltage, current, motor running number, running time, various parameters, such as simple operation, and also can connect the computer at the same time, makes the system data expression more intuitive, more powerful on the storage space, to save all of the sampling data of the test U disk. At the same time, the system can automatically save data in the case of sudden power failure, and continue to work in the state before power failure when the power is restored, greatly improving the efficiency of testing.

Applied range

Rotor motor, flat motor and other dc motor; Mobile phone motor, toy motor, toothbrush motor, razor motor, etc.
Technical indicators


  The output voltage

       0.5~10VDC± (1%±2 words)

  Output current

       0~1000mA (1%±2 words)


  Intermittent mode and continuous mode

  Speed measurement cycle


  Speed divider

  When using photoelectric sampling during the test, the speed division frequency should be set to 1. When sampling with current, it should be multiplied by the number of coils of the commutator of the motor.

  Data storage

       U disk interface function

  Ambient temperature

       Relative humidity: <85%


       220V±10% 50Hz AC

ZC5850 使用说明书.pdf

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